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FEB 8, 2024

Dancing about Architecture (UK)

If your bio page boasts glowing endorsements from the likes of Carl Perkins, Ronnie Wood, Paul McCartney, and Robert Plant, you’re undoubtedly doing something right, musically speaking. Such accolades don’t rain lightly from the heavens. And Robby Vee, well, he’s been turning heads and making friends in the highest echelons of the music cosmos. When you dive into his latest opus, Double Spin, you’ll understand precisely why.

Vee does that essential alchemical act that transcends genres and shifts sonic landscapes—he propels music forward. While at first glance, you might peg him as a guardian of musical heritage, a torchbearer of bygone glory rather than a trailblazer, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Scratch beneath the surface, immerse yourself in the songs, and you’ll uncover more innovation than nostalgia. Robby Vee is, in fact, a visionary artist. He knows where he hails from, but the much more exhilarating prospect is where he’s headed.

Sure, tracks like “Love Supreme” bear the indelible marks of a recognizable style, but within them, there’s an elevation, an effervescence, a polish and poise that firmly plants them in the present moment. Then there are gems like “Monsoon Sunset,” exquisite country rockers executed with such finesse that “timeless” is the only rightful label.


“Song of Songs” weaves a captivating ballad, the sort Johnny Cash might be crafting today if he were alive and hitting his prime in this era. “Perfume” is a sweet serenade, elevated to celestial heights by the ethereal, spiraling violin that propels it. “Dashboard Jesus” is as infectious as music gets: fun, buoyant, brilliant.

While Vee’s compass may point firmly to the past, his genius lies in reimagining, refurbishing, and revitalizing those cherished sounds and keeping them relevant for a whole new generation of discerning music fans. The result is an album that resonates with a devoted audience and kindles new fires in perhaps yet uncharted territories. It’s nothing short of perfection. READ MORE >


JAN 29, 2024

MN Music Shakedown 

with Mark Stary

Podcast Episode 35


Welcome to episode #35 of the Minnesota Music Shakedown! A podcast dedicated to spinning some of the best original Twin Cities (and beyond) area music.

Featured this week are conversations and new music from Robby Vee & Samuel Wilbur!




December 2023

UK Rock & Roll magazine

Out now! Your favorite Rock 'n' Roll magazine! The December 2023 issue of UK Rock & Roll magazine is now available on our website and in all good newsagents across the UK. Get the latest issue delivered straight to your door! In this issue: Wild Devils Ricky Nelson : An American Boy Next Door ELVIS PRESLEY Connie Francis Marty Robbins Dave Diamond The Hillbilly Moon Explosion Deke Dickerson Fan Page Wax & Boogie - Rhythm & Blues Projects Red Hot Riot Johnny Burnette Cliff Richard Robby Vee Rusti Steel THE JETS Dylan Kirk & The Killers. READ MORE >

OCT 26, 2023

RnR Magazine UK: ROBBY VEE

The son of US rock’n’roll pop star Bobby Vee, ROBBY VEE keeps the family business ticking along with latest recording Double Spin. While his father’s influence can be heard on opener ‘Buzz’ and the rockabilly-influenced ‘Love Supreme’, his songwriting also takes in country blues and rock on a set that goes a long way to explaining his status among fans and peers. READ MORE >

NOVEMBER 9, 2023

THE STRANGE BREW: Robby Vee ‘The Prince of Twang’

Rockabilly artist Robby Vee speaks to Jason Barnard. Robby shares memories of his father Bobby, his influences and collaborations with rock legends, and how he breathes new life into classic sounds. READ MORE >

October 14, 2023


1.) We’re incredibly excited to be speaking today with acclaimed Neo-Rockabilly artist extraordinaire Robby Vee; greetings and salutations, Robby! Before we dive into the proverbial Q&A musical rabbit hole, how is the autumn of 2023 treating you thus far?

Thank you Vents for the opportunity to talk about our new LP release Double Spin.

Autumn is my favorite time of year… It’s when I feel the most creative. Coming off a really busy Spring/ Summer of shows, it feels good to slow down a little and approach new projects and take in the change of season. 

2.) Major congratulations on the release of your amazing new album Double Spin! Getting the proverbial ball rolling, what was the inspiration behind this beautiful and rockin’ new album? 

I appreciate that. Double Spin has a few shifts in inspiration to it. The first is a collection of songs I wrote to bring attention to my “Blue Moon Blue Project” Artist Raising a Voice for Care, for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. This includes a couple co-writes with my Dad Bobby Vee and one with Wayne Carson who wrote the Letter for the Boxtops and You’re Always on My Mind for Willie Nelson among other great hits. I showcase these Blue moon Blue Project songs and my interest in the foundation nightly in my shows. My father passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2016, he and I got involved in projects for the Foundation together. The second is a collection of writing sessions with co-writer Andrew Hall, a talented poet from Las Vegas who I’ve known going back to my childhood. And last, is two singles “Good Morning & A Forever Kind of Love”. The song Good Morning (June Carter) is currently being pushed to radio. I’m excited that “Double Spin” was also issued on vinyl, I’m a record collector that has always dreamt of having my own songs on vinyl format.

3.) How is Double Spin similar to some of your past music? How is it different? READ MORE >


OCT 3, 2023



What a treat to get to connect to Robby Vee about his new album Double Spin, it captures the sound of a time and brings it up very danceable modern Neo-Rockabilly vibe. He’s got some shows coming up in Larchwood IA and Kenosha WI!

Buzz has a timeless danceability that makes my heart perk up. The video is fantastic because you are so fantastic on stage. When you write songs do you consider how it will sound or feel playing it live?

Thanks Ann! I appreciate the kind words… “I found a new way to start, found a vessel to your heart.  Time has moved me past the clock to the inner beat that rules the block.” That’s the first verse of Buzz. When I was working on the music for Buzz , I was wanting an upbeat, retro vibe, celebratory dance kinda thing.  I open my shows with it because of its uplifting energy, I love playing it live.

There are so many songs from my records over the years that I don’t play live… They just work better in the studio.  When I do come up with a song that fits well in my live show… I feel lucky and normally it isn’t planned that way.  The studio and live performance are so different for me.  When I’m writing, I’m really focused on developing a song the best I can, almost like creating a painting that’ll look good in a frame or in this case, sound good with a collection of songs.  When I get requests in my shows for songs that I don’t normally play live… It always feels like such a compliment to me.

On the latest album you cover Bobby Vee’s (your father’s) song, Forever Kind of Love. (Again, the video is fabulous because it gives homage to that connection without making it the focal point.) How does it feel to be able to pay tribute to him? And why you select this song?

I love my Dad’s music.  He was a huge influence on me as a person and as a recording artist.  He was a great Dad and Artist!

Over the years I’ve had fans of his and mine ask me if I’d consider recording one of his songs.  “Forever Kind of Love” was a top charting hit record for my Dad in the UK recorded at Abbey Road Studio in London.  It reached #13 and it remained on the charts longer than any other record of his…originally it wasn’t released in the US market making it fairly unknown here, which was such a shame.  When I would tour the UK with my Dad it was the top requested song and my favorite to play on stage with him.  I thought if I ever recorded one of his hits, it would be this song to introduce it to an audience that may have never heard it before.

My hope was to introduce a great piece of Vee musical heritage to a new audience and at the same time give a subtle tip of the hat to my Father, his legacy and the fans that helped make it a hit in the first place.

You have played and worked all over the world, with names such as Bo Diddley and Eric Clapton; you grew up in a musical world, but I’m wondering if there are elements of Minnesota that you know you bring to your music? How has Minnesota impacted your sound and/or do you think you pass that onto your collaborations?  READ MORE >


September 26, 2023

Big Takeover Magazine (NYC)

Robby Vee - Double Spin (Paramour Records)

by Dave Franklin

If your bio page boasts glowing endorsements from the likes of Carl Perkins, Ronnie Wood, Paul McCartney, and Robert Plant, you’re undoubtedly doing something right, musically speaking. Such accolades don’t rain lightly from the heavens. And Robby Vee, well, he’s been turning heads and making friends in the highest echelons of the music cosmos. When you dive into his latest opus, Double Spin, you’ll understand precisely why. READ MORE >

SEPT 9, 2023



Robby Vee – Double Spin

The last name is a tip-off that baby boomers may recognize. Robby’s the son of the late 60s pop-idol Bobby Vee (Velline) who had 38 Billboard charted hits & 6 gold records. A far better artist than many give him credit for. Bob Dylan played piano in Vee’s early band (1959) & Dylan had lots of respect for Vee. He even acknowledged Bobby during a live performance. Vee issued lots of pop songs but also some Americana-oriented albums: “Gates, Grills & Railings,” “Nothin’ Like a Sunny Day,” & his last “The Adobe Sessions.” But this is Robby Vee’s moment in the spotlight & deservedly so. He carries on the earlier tradition with retro & twang.


The CD I have doesn’t detail who the 13 songs were written by. But I’ve enjoyed the offspring of many successful singers. Lisa Marie Presley was not Elvis, but she had her punky charm. Hank Williams, Jr. is a success but not necessarily in the tradition of his Dad. Roy Orbison’s son sings spookily almost like his father. Julian Lennon is a viable artist who also sounds a little too much like John. Julian has good songs but just isn’t as challenging or inventive as his Dad. Big shoes to fill.

So, if the acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree – Robby Vee may have the pop instincts his father had & it is evident on Double Spin (Dropped June 9–Paramour Records). Produced by Robby with Jeff Bjork, Vee’s voice isn’t as warmly distinctive as Bobby Vee but what he possesses is a genuine rockabilly individuality. READ MORE >

September 7, 2023

"BUZZ" Enters the charts at #91 on the Modern Specialty Radio Singles Chart

September 1, 2023

Making a Scene Magazine (cover/interview/feature)

Robby Vee is Making a Scene

Richard L’Hommedieu

Making a Scene Presents an Interview with Robby Vee!

Robby Vee “The Prince Of Twang” was born Robert Velline named after his father Bobby Vee. He is recognized by both the American & Canadian Rockabilly Hall of Fames and in 2019 he was recognized by the IRRMA for a Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nomination. Vee has been performing his unique style of Rock-n- Roll music for years on stages across the globe.

Having been on tour with the legends and architects of rock-n-roll, Robby has learned from, and shared credits and stages with the best, from James Burton to Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley, Albert Lee, Little Richard, the Everly Brothers, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Dion, The Righteous Brothers, Buddy Holly’s Crickets, Dick Clark and his ‘Caravan of Stars Rock ‘N’ Roll Show’, his father, 60’s pop rocker Bobby Vee and many more. Robby is known for combining elements of his vast repertoire telling stories that bridge the generation gap from “the roots of Rock n Roll to the new sounds of Americana music of today”.

As an Entertainer with many studio records to his name, countless guest artist credits, and a history of extensive touring, Vee has captured the attention of audiences and respected industry professionals both Nationally and Internationally. Claude Hall, radio-TV editor of Billboard magazine writes, “If this guy had been around during the era of Elvis, he would have given Elvis a run for his money.” READ MORE >


Making a Scene POD CAST

Richard L’Hommedieu


SEPT 1, 2023

Rootstime (Belgium/Netherlands) Album Review

I would bet a lot that no one knows who Robert Velline might be. But if we mention his stage name, that could soon change because when hearing Robby Vee, music connoisseurs could immediately make the link to the sixties and seventies singer and actor Bobby Vee. That successful artist suffered from the infamous Alzheimer's disease and died in October 2016 in Minnesota, where Robby also lives in Minneapolis and where he was nicknamed 'The Prince Of Twang'.
Just like his father, Robby Vee chose to perform rock'n'roll and rockabilly in its purest form. We can now also
hear this on his latest album “Double Spin” on which he plays and sings a total of thirteen songs in that music genre for 45 minutes. Actually it's about eleven new songs and two bonus tracks released as singles, both of which we added to the videos in this review: “A Forever Kind Of Love” and “Good Morning”.
What has also earned him comparisons with his father is his double inclusion in both the American and Canadian 'Rockabilly Hall Of Fame'. Robby Vee already has a whole series of albums to his name and this album “Double Spin” is the most recent in a long list. He often performs together with the surviving rockabilly and rock'n'roll stars from the 'golden sixties' during the so-called 'Rock-n-Roll Caravan Show' that permanently tours all American states. In addition, he can pay a musical tribute to his father through his rich legacy of hits “Take Good Care Of My Baby”, “Rubber Ball”, “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes”, “Since I Met You Baby” and “Run To Him” on stage.
Robby Vee can also count on many famous fans from the music world such as Carl Perkins, Paul McCartney, Dion DiMucci, Robert Plant and Marshall Crenshaw who frequently praise his singing and songwriting qualities as well as his sublime guitar playing. We can also discover these qualities ourselves on “Double Spin” in the swinging opening track “Buzz”, the catchy songs “Monsoon Sunset”, “Love Supreme”, “Tucson Girl”, “Wanna Dance” and the beautiful “Dashboard” accompanied by accordion music. Jesus” as well as the songs “Song Of Songs”, “Calianna's Lullaby” where the influences of his father's sound can clearly be heard.
In addition to the two songs that you can listen to on the videos, a new third single was recently released from “Double Spin” with the song “Blue Moon Blues”. Albums that evoke nostalgic feelings such as “Double Spin” are hardly recorded and released these days, but we certainly cannot and do not want to hide the fact that we are 100% in favor of this new album by Robby Vee.


Rootstime (Belgium/Netherlands) Radio



September 1, 2023


(Host John Mueller)   

Robby Vee is a guitar slinging rock and roller from very good stock, his father being the one and only Bobby Vee who had many hit records...LISTEN TO EPISODE >

AUG 4, 2023

DOUBLE SPIN - Vinyl Record RELEASE: Paramour Records


"Robby is a cross between Roy Orbison, Chris Isaak, and a guy by the name of Bobby Vee (not bad company to keep!)." -Doug Spero Spotlight Artist Radio Show

Rock ‘n’ Blues Today on Radio RCC in Italy.  link:

“Semi-Twang” with Paul Hefti on KUBU Sacramento,  CA (Perfume)

KFQX – Racketeer Radio is play (A Forever Kind of Love)


“WGDR & WGDH Central Vermont (Buzz & Monsoon Sunset)

KXCI in Tuscan, AZ (Monsoon Sunset)

WHRW in Binghampton, NY.  With Chris Kocher (Songs of Songs)

Leading Edge Radio Network (Forever Kind of Love)

Alans Golden Oldies (Forev

KACV/Amarillo TX "Indy Show on FM 90."

KACV/Amarillo TX  "Under The Radar on FM 90."

KACV/Amarillo TX, FM90 

KBRE/Merced CA, "The Garage with Chris.”  

KBUU/Malibu CA, "Just Another Menace Sunday with Dennis the Menace."

KEBF/Morro Bay CA, "Dead Air Dave on 97.3 and 107.9, the Rock”

KFRR/Fresno CA, "Ozmosis with Mike Oz on  New Rock 104.1"

KFCF/Fresno CA, "Matt D. Left Of The Dial on 88.1 FM.”

KJEE/Santa Barbara CA,  "New Noize with Haaris on 92.9 KJEE. Santa Barbara's Modern Rock"

KPNT/St. Louis MO, "Donny Fandango on 105.7 The Point."

KROX/Austin TX, "C. J. on X-posure on 101X.   

KTBZ/Houston TX, "94.5 the Buzz with Karah Lee."

KVOQ/Denver CO, "Hear First with Jason, on Indie 102.3"

KXRN/Laguna Beach CA, Modern Classics with Ben on KX FM"

KXRN/Laguna Beach CA,  "Tim Pyles Show.”

RIFF2/Detroit MI, "Alyssa on Undiscovered Spins.”

The Spy/Oklahoma City OK, "Ferris O'Brien on The Essentials.”

WAQX/Syracuse NY, “The Fringe with Dixon.”

WAXQ/NYC NY, "Jonathan Clarke on Out Of The Box!”

WCNR/Charlottesville VA , "Julie on  This Just In.”

WCYY/Portland ME, "Spinout with Mark Curdo, on 943 WCYY"

WHSN/Bangor ME, "WHSN 89.3 Bangor's Alternative."

WRBR/Mishawaka IN, "Pauly on X-Effect, on The Bear!”

WWJK/Jacksonville, FL, "Robert on Forbidden Planet.”

WWSK/Long Island NY, "Fresh Blood with Jamie on the Shark!”

WXPN/Philadelphia PA, "Eric on the Indie Rock Hit Parade at XPN."

WXRT/Chicago IL, "Ryan Arnold on 93 XRT.”

105.7 FM Minneapolis MN, The Bear "on the The Garage"

JULY 23, 2023

Rockabilly performer and son of Bobby Vee coming to Albert Lea


The Robby Vee Rock & Roll Caravan is arriving at the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center Friday.  Vee is a student of the rock ’n’ roll era and is in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.  “Rockabilly’s a little bit different than rock ’n’ roll,” he said. “It’s rock ’n’ roll plus something.”

Rockabilly’s kind of a melting pot of rock ’n’ roll, Johnny Cash country and jazz. He described the period from 1956 to ’64 as a feel-good, forget your problems and enjoy the music era, and that’s what he focuses on: Forget about the day and have a good time, something he said was rare in today’s world.  He likes the challenges that come with doing a good show and having people connect to music, but he loves the connections music brings.  “There’s a lot of people that come to my shows that feel like family to me,” he said. “It’s the connection with people and the connection with the legacy I come from.  

“People show up and they like my records and they like what I do, but they also love my dad. And that’s a common thread.”  That’s because Vee is also a legacy artist, as his dad was Bobby Vee. 


FEB 4, 2024

65 Years After “The Day the Music Died”

Jim MonkAaron Walling

That night proved to be a turning point for Bobby Vee, the 15-year-old Fargo boy who went on to become a pop superstar. Vee passed away in 2016.

“My dad described it like, as one star went down, his rose that night,” according to Vee’s son, Robby Vee. “It was his introduction into the music business. And he said he was so nervous. There was an unbelievable amount of nervousness.” READ MORE >

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July 7, 2022

2022 IRRMA- Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Induction

ROBBY VEE 2022 Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Induction.

Sunday, September 4, 2022 Robby Vee will be Inducted into the Iowa Rock n roll Hall of Fame. The Induction Ceremony and Concert will take place in Okoboji Iowa.

June 3, 2022

Children Of 10 Rock And Roll Icons That Followed In Their Father’s Footsteps

by Joe Mirrione

The son of the 60s hit-maker Bobby Vee, Robby was greatly influenced by his father’s music and began playing the guitar as a child. By the age of 16, Robby was performing on stage with his famous father. Today, Robby continues to perform at casinos and fairs all over the country. He has been recognized by both the American and Canadian Rockabilly Halls of Fame and has just released his latest single “Blue Moon Blues”. READ MORE >

November 4, 2022

The Legacy of Bobby Vee

A personal look at the singer’s life and his close Minnesota ties

By Katie Klingbeil -



I remember listening to ’60s pop star Bobby Vee at my Nana’s house in Independence, Minn. when I was younger. We’d dance around the living room and sing along to classics like “Take Good Care of My Baby” and “Rubber Ball.” Nana would tell me stories about how her cousin, Karen, set her heart on Bobby Vee in high school and ended up marrying him, just like she had always hoped. “She chased him and he caught her,” she’d say, laughing at her cousin’s laudable persistence and confidence in their future.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Bobby Vee, although I always knew about him and grew up hearing his music. I distinctly remember learning about the onset of his Alzheimer’s at a family gathering a few years ago and like the rest of my family, my heart broke for Bobby and the Vellines. My heart was further tugged on Monday, October 24, when I heard from my mom that Bobby Vee’s bout with Alzheimer’s had ended—surrounded by loved ones, Bobby Vee passed away at a memory care center in Rogers, MN It’s beautiful to see the world acknowledge Bobby Vee’s success and musical history. Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Star Tribune, and numerous other publications have written about Bobby Vee’s passing and musicians and fans all around the world have offered condolences to his family. “He is one of the most genuine, kind, down to earth guys I have ever met,” Nana told me last Friday night.

I’m pretty sure it was providence that just five days after Bobby Vee’s passing, I was able to see Robby Vee and his Rock & Roll Caravan perform at Billy’s Pub in Rockford, Minn. I went with Nana and my aunt; the whole night was a lively celebration of music, family, and old memories. Robert Velline is Bobby Vee’s youngest son and is quite popular in the rockabilly music genre (he was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, joining his father who was inducted in 2011) and he covers his dad’s music, both as a tribute to his father and a celebration of Robby’s own musical heritage. For the past year, he has been an artist representative for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and is donating all the proceeds from his newest album “Blue Moon Blue” to AFA in honor of his father.

Robby came over and talked with us before the show. He gave hugs to Nana and my aunt and we were able to offer our condolences to his family and talk with him about his dad.  

“We tried to give my dad the gift of normalcy,” Robby said about how his family dealt with his dad’s diagnosis. “We didn’t want the disease to dictate how he would spend his time. We wanted to have as much family time as possible. My sister Jenny and I would have family Sundays on her farm in Buffalo, Minn., where my dad could spend time with his grandkids. We’d cook dinner, spend time with the horses, and give my dad rides in his ’65 mustang. Those Sundays became like a ritual for us. My dad and I would also listen to old vinyl records together and sing together. I’d often play my records in the car and he recognized them and his eyes would light up. He couldn’t speak but he pointed at me with a knowing smile. He knew they were mine.”

We talked a little bit about Bobby Vee’s love for music and Nana brought up a story she remembered from the last time Karen and Bobby came to Billy’s Pub to see Robby perform. “He couldn’t talk at that point [because of his Alzheimer’s], but oh, you should have seen his face when your band started to play and you started to sing. He was snapping his fingers and swaying along…he lost a lot of things but he never lost the music. He never lost the music.”

Bobby Vee will be remembered by many as an extraordinary musician (Bob Dylan called him “the most meaningful person I’ve ever been on stage with”) and a wonderfully kind man who put his family first and worked hard to share his love of music with the world. “The best way to describe my dad’s life is by pulling from some of his own song lyrics,” Robby said. “‘If when your life is over, and you can smile at where you’ve been, you’ve accomplished all that matters in the end.’ Even when my dad couldn’t speak, he could always communicate with us with his smile. He had his smile up until the very end.”

By Katie Ballalatak

February 23, 2022

Robby Vee Releases Two New Videos "A Forever Kind of Love & Good Morning"

View the latest Videos on YouTube

A Forever Kind of Love:

Good Morning:

September 30, 2021 

Robby Vee's New Release "Good Morning & A Forever Kind of Love" Hits 200,000 Weekly Streams on Spotify Breaking the Top 40 Position


​Summa' Night Vibes Link #24

​Chamber Pop Link #25

R&B & POP | updates #29

Fresh Hits #29 

POP Gods #31 

Rising Rock #31 

Selects  #35 

Beats For Your Taste #39

Feel The Rythm #43

2024 Chart PR.jpeg
Iowa 2022.JPG

September 21, 2021

Nuevoculture: Exclusive Interview With Robby Vee


Congratulations on releasing two hit tracks “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind of Love.”

Q: Please tell us more about the message you wanted to convey with these two tracks?

A: I wanted to record two songs that were positive and hopeful from a life or relationship perspective… 

“Good Morning” is a song that speaks to the positive and in some ways it could be an anthem for mental health; “How are things inside you, will this day rule or guide you?” “Do you wake up with the feeling of all that life’s been dealing.” It also pays homage to the legendary June Carter from the Carter Family who was country music’s original great lyrical optimist. 

“A Forever Kind of Love” is a song written by Gerry Goffin & Jack Keller who also wrote hit songs for my Father Bobby Vee including a #2 Hit “Run To Him” (my personal favorite).  Over the years people have asked me if I would consider covering one of my Fathers releases, which I’ve wanted to do…it just took me some time to find the one that fit my journey and had meaning for me.  This song was originally recorded by my Father in the early 60’s at Abbey Road Studios in London and it charted in the UK & Australia, but was never originally released in the United State because the producer “Snuffy Garrett” had an issue with it. We would get requests for the song when on tour in the UK & Australia and always looked at it like a missed opportunity that his original version was never released in the US. With that in mind, I love the true blue message of the song. It feels like a timeless song to me. I was excited to introduce a great song to my audience as well as his audience that may have never heard it before.


Q: How did your sound develop to become the Robby Vee we know today?

A: I started out as a fan of my Father’s record collection, the Vinyl LP and 45’s…. Which put me in the universe of Rock n Roll and Rockabilly. As a kid I would spend entire Summers on the road with my Father watching those very same Legendary artist from those Vinyl records perform. Months at a time hanging backstage in the wings on Dick Clark’s Rock n Roll Shows seeing greats like Bo Diddley or Little Richard do their thing. I learned a deep love for rock n roll that has continued through the years, I love the craft of a good song. My sound comes from Rockabilly in the sense that the term Rockabilly means many genres: country, bop, rhythm and blues etc… all melted together. It means freedom of genre to move around in that melting pot to arrive at a great song, even a pop song. My foundation has always been these building blocks of roots music and the freedom to build on that in the now of today’s sound. My aim has always been to stay true to my own style and honor those foundational pieces in a way that feels honest and real to me. To be grounded in the roots while pointing to the future and embracing what feels most natural. In newer artists I seem to be instinctively drawn to music and a sound that reminds me of those legendary artists and early influential years. 


Q: How would you best describe your musical style? 

A: I’ve been described as Neo-Rockabilly…with some Roots Rock n Roll. I think I could fit into the category of Singer Songwriter with my more current releases.


Q: What inspires you when creating new tracks?  READ MORE >

August 30, 2021

Minimal Sounds: Robby Vee Is Pinching Two New Releases

Written by BerangariaFranzen


Robby Vee is back with two new hit tracks.

“Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind of Love” are both garnering over 50K streams on Spotify.

Both tracks sway listeners away with galloping rhythms and booming vocals. 

Follow Robby Vee on his website and Youtube.

The guitar similarly exists on the cusp of turmoil creating a dreamlike sound with an undercurrent of untamed noise. READ MORE >


August 31, 2021



Robby Vee is back in the game with a two-song release. His voice is shinning particularly bright and the tunes are finely accompanying his style.

“Good Morning” is the go-to track you will want to have on repeat at any time of the day. He ties together good values, vibes, and feels for his fans

“A Forever Kind of Love” packs all the love and emotions that a song can. His voice is truly the center stage as it perfectly caresses galloping rhythms and booming tunes.

Follow Robby Vee on his website and Youtube.

The guitar is exquisitely persistent on both tracks as it creates a dreamlike quality with a hint of creamy soundscapes. READ MORE >


September 1, 2021

Records On Repeat: Rock-N-Roll Legend Robby Vee Surprises Fans With Two New Singles “Good Morning” And “A Forever Kind Of Love”

New Records On Repeat by RecordsOnRepeat


A prominent artist in the music industry, Robby Vee dropped two new singles titled “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind Of Love,” providing his listeners with yet another opportunity to vibe to his legendary music. Named after his father Bobby Vee, the icon of the genre, Robby Vee constantly keeps his audience entertained and excited about his new projects. 

The single “Good Morning” is a brilliantly- produced country song that will definitely take you back to your roots and make you feel homesick for a moment. If you are currently looking for a nostalgic anthem, this track is what you have been waiting for! The sound of the guitar and the sweet and calm voice of the artist create the perfect soundtrack for a ride back home! 


The second song that Vee blessed his listeners with titled “A Forever Kind Of Love” is all about the artist’s legendary voice! A guitar playing in the background, this song is a love story that anyone can relate to. Creating an atmosphere full of romance and passion, the singer gives the listener a chance to free their emotions and express their deepest feelings and fantasies. 

These two singles are a flawless example of a mixture of vocal abilities, instrumentation, and an exceptional gift to share a relatable story in the most sincere and honest way possible. READ MORE >



September 1, 2021

Late Night Stereo: Robby Vee Is On A Roll With Two New Releases



Robby Vee is jumping back into the music scene with a new pair of tracks. His famous vocals are truly bringing in the charm and wit through each note. His style has always been accompanied through the rock and roll scene, giving him quite the recognition among its fans.

He followed in the footsteps of his father, Bobby Vee, also a singer.

“Good Morning” is the perfect start to get you on the Robby Vee train. With good vibe vocals, sunny lyrics, and upbeat tunes, the song is pushing his sound through the boundaries.

“A Forever Kind of Love” is a different approach to Robby Vee’s character. It invites love and happy rhythms to bolster unique vocals and relatable lyrics. READ MORE >


September 14, 2021

Rock Era Magazine: A Forever Kind of Love by Robby Vee


It’s really a marvellous journey Robby will take you over there back in the 50s and ’60s. First, you should know that he learned from, and shared credits and stages with the best, from James Burton to Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley, Albert Lee, Little Richard, the Everly Brothers, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Dion, The Righteous Brothers, Buddy Holly’s Crickets, Dick Clark and his ‘Caravan of Stars Rock ‘N’ Roll Show’, his father, 60’s pop-rocker Bobby Vee and many more. ‘A Forever Kind of Love’ is one of the most smoothy songs that you will listen to recently. There’s no doubt that his voice was one of the main factors to like this tune, but also, I loved the vintage guitar tone which provided a warm tone for the whole track. I won’t forget the strings that added to the song arrangement in which was a great addition indeed. Now, it’s the time to feel the beauty below and take you on a journey with time, 5 decades ago! Enjoy! READ MORE >



September 6, 2021

Filthy Bangers: Robby Vee Makes A Breakthrough With New Release

Posted by Parris Cresswell Filthy Reads


Robby Vee is right back on the saddle with new hit tracks. The voice of many hit tracks is at it one more time for a new scorcher. His tracks fuse spectral country production with smooth vocals and brass celebrations, reflective and warm with emotions. Filled with the kind of romantic knowledge that will have you head over heels, his new song “A Forever Kind of Love” is all you need to hear.

The singer-songwriter, Robby Vee, has been releasing his sound while building up a following in the indie country scenes. His melodies are sweet and simple, using a synth or an acoustic guitar in the mix to invite the listener in.

The latest single, “A Forever Kind of Love,” is one of the more honest songs for the artist. It blends in unique instrumentation, as Robby Vee harmonizes and layers guitars. Even without the woodwind and twang, it’s a perfect example of Robby Vee’s ability to create a new environment without overwhelming the great idea at its core. READ MORE >



September 7, 2021

Hit Music TV: Robby Vee Demands Your Attention With New Release

Experimental country artist, Robby Vee, has applied his talents once more for a new release. He utilizes luxuriant textures and some melodics, for a bold step into the unknown. Though prolific in his output,  “A Forever Kind of Love” is a perfect entry point to his work.

At its best, Robby Vee’s material takes the everyday and elevates it into something greater than the sum of its parts. The use of simple strings provokes an affection that feels welcoming, pulling you in and providing something that feels safe to focus on. 


September 8, 2021

Mixtape Mixup: Robby Vee Is A Mellow Tune Enhancer


Innovative country sound, Robby Vee, has a new song out and about for fans of many genres. It is a mellow tune set for an afternoon of relaxation. Titled “A Forever Kind of Love,” the artist packs a punch with his new sound and relaxed lyrics.

He employs lush arrangements and melodic vocals to tie the piece together. The new track is the perfect representation of his vivid voice and musicality.

Robby Vee’s element captures beauty in the unknown as he delivers hard-hitting lyrics with soft spewing tunes. The guitar strings provoke a passionate factor to the song, resonating with his fans. READ MORE >



​August 24, 2021

Real Street Radio: Robby Vee Is The New Hype With His Releases

MUSIC NEWS by Roland Mccann


Robby Vee is back on track with perfectly designed sounds and undeniably contagious lyrics.

Follow Robby Vee on his website and Youtube.

First off is the amazing vocal performance titled “Good Morning.” The track has Robby Vee reconnoiter through soothingly mesmerizing elements. It offers the perfect ability to channel deep feelings with seductive rhythms that fuse with sultry tunes.

Moving on to “A Forever Kind of Love,” Robby Vee possesses a sort of sound that ushers him into a magnificent era. With heightened passion, tempo, and raw emotion that allows its listeners to traverse into their emotions.Robby Vee Is The New Hype With His Releases. READ MORE >



August 23, 2021

Pop Dose Magazine: Robby Vee’s Bending Genres With New Releases



Robby Vee is back with roaring sounds and contagious lyrics.

Find Robby Vee on his website and Youtube.

“Good Morning” sees Robby Vee explore hypnotic elements, channeling rhythms that fuse with modular signals.

“A Forever Kind of Love” boasts increased intensity, tempo, and stripped-back rawness that offers a perfectly tuned track. READ MORE >


August 25, 2021

Dance Hits UK: Robby Vee On Two New Releases

Author: Talal Tuma

Robby Vee returns with two new hit tracks.

“Good Morning” is pushing cool, moody punches of fuzzy guitar and stalking, galloping rhythms, along with blaring vocals. It boasts a somewhat slow and spacey pop tune awash in ambient synths.

Follow Robby Vee on his website and Youtube.

“A Forever Kind of Love” sets the sensual scene while the direct lyrics are almost cheeky in their charming simplicity. The track sits at a transforming intersection of a woozy stumbler into a spastic and propulsive smooth rhythm. Teeming with enthusiasm as Robby Vee’s vocals scamper wildly over raw performance. READ MORE >


August 25, 2021

Yack Magazine: New Music – Robby Vee ‘Good Morning’

Words by Matt Miles


It can be very difficult and humbling to follow in the footsteps of a famous father. Robby Vee has carved out an incredibly impressive career carrying on in the honest and thoughtful rock and roll stylings of Bobby Vee. It’s a discography that only serves to improve and further the legacy of the Vee family.

‘Good Morning‘ begins with the tuneful twang that Robby Vee has become famous for. The guitar sings and throughout the track it provides a beautiful and emotive core that works wonderfully pumping blood at the heart of the song.

The guitar is joined by the soulful crooning of Robby Vee and his crisp warm vocals. The song is one of hope and positivity and this is expertly matched in the inflections and careful placement of each melody.

The lyrics themselves are honest, open, and easily understood. Like all good country it speaks straight from the heart and doesn’t spend too much time or energy hiding behind metaphor or simile, instead it lays out its message in language we can all understand, feel, and relate to.

It’s a song that looks to provide a friendly smile and a cosy shoulder to relax into. While retaining a sense of realism it admits that life can be hard sometimes, but instead of dwelling in it, it encourages the listener to step into the brighter feelings.

The instrumentation is much more complex and layered than just the beautiful guitar work of Robby Vee himself. There are whirlwind flourishes of fiddles, sumptuous bass lines, and energetic drums. Robby Vee music on record is a thing of beauty, with gorgeous production and an amazing sound, but you can always hear the full live band and stage show lurking underneath.

This is an amazing musician who is famous for absolutely bringing the house down live. Robby Vee is a wickedly talented song writer but it’s the stage where he truly calls home. We’re very much looking forward to the next tour of Robby Vee and His Rock’n’Roll Caravan.

Head over to the official Robby Vee website to stay up to date with new releases and tour dates. READ MORE >


August 16, 2021

House Music Hits: Robby Vee Is The Voice Behind Two New Tracks

Robby Vee has been a well-known name in the rock and roll scene. His sound is drenched in old-school vibes, thumping bassline, and high and bright, swinging tunes.

His new track “Good Morning” brings an element of euphoria as the track breaks down, giving you a moment to breathe. Listen to  “Good Morning” below. READ MORE >



August 18, 2021

Hit Music TV: Robby Vee’s New Tracks Are Binding

Robby Vee is just climbing up the rock and roll ladder. His sound is immersed in old-school good feel vibes, pounding guitar riffs, and powerful swaying tunes.

Robby Vee is on his website and Youtube.

“Good Morning” is his freshest release brining in a new erra of his sound and an obsessive element.

“A Forever Kind of Love” is an effortless and easy listen thanks to the high production value and Robby Vee’s velvety-smooth vocals. READ MORE >



August 17, 2021

This Song Is So Sick: Bobby Vee’s Son, Neo-Rockabilly Crooner Robby Vee Releases “A Forever Kind Of Love” & “Good Morning”


Bobby Vee’s own son, the rockabilly crooner Robby Vee, is back with top-notch music; the singles

 “A Forever Kind of Love” and “Good Morning.” For Robby, music flows in his blood, but that doesn’t stop the well-known artist to constantly push his boundaries in terms of imagination and sound, with these two new releases being the latest example of his dedication to his art.

“A Forever Kind Of Love” is a beautiful ballad that sees Robb Vee deliver an exceptional performance, supported by an ethereal violin line that does wonders in taking us back to an era where everything seemed possible. On the other hand, “Good Morning” is a fresh and uplifting song that encourages us all to see “the sunny side of life.” READ MORE >


August 17, 2021



Robby Vee, or The Prince Of Twang to most, is an all-time favorite in the rock and roll scene.

Once again, the artist has taken center stage once more for two more releases, titled “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind of Love.” Both tracks promote a somewhat sunny, good-vibe feel, as Robby Vee covers the grounds with his mesmerizing vocals.

The artist has been spewing off interesting single and records for years, making sure to get his name across. The crowd.

Listen to Robby Vee on SpotifyREAD MORE >


August 9, 2021

Vents Magazine: Robby Vee Growing Buzz on the Rock Scene

Jonathan Engel


Singer-songwriter Robby Vee, the son of the very famous Bobby Vee has graced listeners with two new releases “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind of Love,” each unique in its own way. No shocker, though!

“The Prince Of Twang,” aka Robby has been performing on stages for years already. He has shared the stage with icons like Albert Lee, Little Richard, and Dion. 

“A Forever Kind Of Love” is a sun-drenched track, while “Good Morning” is a pure country piece. If you’re a fan of rock and roll, then you came to the right place. Make sure to check out “Good Morning,” and “A Forever Kind of Love”. READ MORE >


August 10, 2021

House Of Shakes: Robby Vee Is The One To Hear

Robby Vee, also known as The Prince Of Twang, is a determined artist doubling on his charm. His two recent releases “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind of Love,” are the perfect type of soundscape to introduce newcomers to Robby Vee.

After many releases throughout the years, Robby Vee has become a household name across many genres. READ MORE >

Listen to Robby Vee on Spotify.



August 10, 2021

Pop IT Records: Robby Vee Releases Two New Rock ’N’ Roll Gems

Lis Sinatra


Robby Vee, a rock-n-roll icon, has released two new hits ‘Good Morning’ and ‘A Forever Kind of Love’. To whoever said rock and roll is dead, we got news for you, it ain’t. Robby Vee, also known as The Prince Of Twang, is certainly keeping the legacy alive.

Just like a time machine, ‘A Forever Kind of Love’ will transport you to the golden era of rock-n-roll. Robby Vee’s warm voice and exhilarating guitar riffs make it the perfect romantic ballad. READ MORE >


July 27, 2021

Records On Repeat: Robby Vee Releases Two New Tracks

Features by RecordsOnRepeat


Robby Vee, also known as “The Prince Of Twang,” has released two new tracks. Titled “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind of Love,” the two tracks perfectly depict his talents and skills as an artist.

Robert Velline is a rock-n-roll fable and a veteran in the industry. His knack to create feel-good tunes has made him a staple across many playlists.

The track “Good Morning” has the best country vibe to it, which will surely make you homesick. The second track, “A Forever Kind Of Love,” is for the lovebirds out there. Robby Vee spews the perfect lyrics across outstanding tunes. His unique style is helping him set his name in the industry and create perfectly composed soundscapes.

Robby has an unparalleled ability to combine various elements through a sublime collection of tracks. READ MORE >



July 27, 2021

Pop Spotlight UK: Robby Vee Drops Two New Tracks

Spotlight Music


The artist with many names, Robby Vee, is back at it with yet another release to wow fans. His two new tracks titled “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind of Love” are boosting his name in the scene as he emerges into a new aura. The Prince Of Twang perfectly displays his talents and vocals on these two releases and manages to swing back and forth between the genres.

Robert Velline was named after his father, Bobby Vee, and their musical prowess is definitely one that catches attention. He is a rock-n-roll legend and veteran swerving the crowds with the perfect combination of tracks.

The track “Good Morning” offers the best country vibe that can take you on a long road trip through the idyllic scenery. The song is an exquisite rendition of his skills and the perfect outlet for listeners to enjoy his raw and emotional vocals. The second track, “A Forever Kind Of Love,” is a sure-fire hit for the summer. The song spews love vibes and sets you in a perfectly relaxed scene. His lyrics are contagious, and his tunes are infectious; Robby Vee is quickly rising his way to the top of many playlists.

His unique style and perfectly composed soundscapes have garnered him with the right tool to blend various elements through his collection of tracks. READ MORE >

July 28, 2021

Vibe My Life: Robby Vee Releases The Exquisite Singles “A Forever Kind Of Love” & “Good Morning”

Industry Stories


Robby Vee, the Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee and son of legendary Bobby Vee, is back with two new singles; “A Forever Kind of Love” and “Good Morning.”  As usual with Robby, the music is exquisite and the lyrics on point. 

He has been performing on the biggest stages across the globe for some time now, modernizing the timeless genre of rock n’ roll and rockabilly with a clear vision. He has learned from and shared stages with the iconic musicians including James Burton to Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley, Albert Lee, Little Richard, the Everly Brothers, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Dion, The Righteous Brothers, Buddy Holly’s Crickets, Dick Clark and his ‘Caravan of Stars Rock ‘N’ Roll Show’, his father, 60’s pop rocker Bobby Vee and many more.

Bridging gaps between generations through an approach described as linking “the roots of Rock n Roll to the new sounds of Americana music of today,” Robby Vee’s two new singles are perfectly aligned with that purpose, blending elements from different eras and yet offering an utterly modern feel. If you haven’t yet, make sure to stream these two new sonic gems by this incredibly talented human soul. READ MORE >


August 4, 2021

Fist Pumpers: New Robby Vee Release



August 3, 2021

Indie Land UK: Keep Your Eyes Out For Robby Vee



The Prince Of Twang, Robby Vee, has decided to double slam the musical world with tracks. He recently released two new wonders to add to his rap sheet; “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind of Love.”

His swerve between many genres has rendered him quite the name in the industry. Both tracks boast a serene feel of good tunes that are perfect to pop for any occasion.

Robby Vee is a rock-n-roll veteran spewing off hot beats and lyrics. READ MORE >




August 9, 2021

New Noise: News: Robby Vee, Bringing Unique Style to Rock ‘n’ Roll

AUTHOR Keegan Williams


Robby Vee, sometimes called the “Prince Of Twang,” is known for his unique style of rock ‘n’ roll music, now recognized by both the American and Canadian Rockabilly Hall of Fames, along with the IRRMA for an Iowa Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame nomination.

Vee has learned from, and shared stages and stages with, some of the best in the industry, including but not limited to: James Burton, Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley, Albert Lee, Little Richard, the Everly Brothers, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Dion, The Righteous Brothers, Buddy Holly’s Crickets, Dick Clark, and his father, ’60s pop-rocker Bobby Vee.

Claude Hall, radio-TV editor of Billboard Magazine said of Vee, “If this guy had been around during the era of Elvis, he would have given Elvis a run for his money.” 



August 3 2021

ImPlurnt: Robby Vee Wishes Everyone A “Good Morning” And To Experience “A Forever Kind Of Love” At Least Once In A Lifetime

Robby Vee wishes everyone a “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind Of Love,” the titles of his two new singles available on all major digital platforms. Born Robert Velline and named after his iconic father Bobby Vee, is also a Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee who has shared the stage with Sir Paul McCartney who praised him saying, “This guy could play on any stage,” and Eric Clapton among many other prodigious musicians. 

Robby Vee was mentioned by Claude Hall, the well-known radio-TV editor of Billboard magazine. Hall says: “If this guy had been around during the era of Elvis, he would have given Elvis a run for his money.”


“Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind Of Love” are two records honoring the tradition started by his late father, with a twist of modernity proving Robby Vee is totally in tune with the times. READ MORE >


July 26, 2021


Premiere: Robby Vee Releases Two New Invigorating Songs: “Good Morning” and “A Forever Kind Of Love”

Published By : Lora Lewis

Robby Vee goes by many names— “The Prince Of Twang” to start with—but to his fans, he is Robby Vee. Robert Velline is a rock-n-roll legend and a veteran in the industry.

He is known to deliver good time tunes for any occasion, making him a go-to artist across many playlists. He is named after his father Bobby Vee, another all-time favorite in the scene.

The artist takes to his guitar and lyrics to deliver hard-hitting tracks and relatable songs. He was recognized by the American & Canadian Rockabilly Hall of Fame. In 2019, Vee was acknowledged by the IRRMA for an Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nomination. With so many praises to his career, Robby Vee is sure to deliver joints that do not fail.

His latest track “Good Morning” has the perfect country feel to it, that will surely make you homesick as you go. His unique style and sound have him spilling verses over perfectly meshed soundscapes to create masterpieces. The track starts off with superb guitar riffs before Robby Vee graces fans with his smooth sailing vocals. The lyrics are as sweet as they can be, and Robby is truly singing his heart out on this one.


Additionally, Robby Vee dropped yet another hit titled “A Forever Kind of Love.” Spilling lyrics about love, Robby is overflowing with perfect romance vibes. The soundscape has a retro feeling to it, as it takes you on an undeniable adventure packed with passion. His vocals are truly shining on this one, setting a new image and character to the artist.

Both songs are definitely feel-good tracks packed with positive energy and vibes, perfect for a pick me up. The tunes do not overpower his sound and you can perfectly hear his aura oozing out of each and every word.

Robby has an unparalleled knack to mix various elements and delivers sublime tracks for his fans. READ MORE >


May 20, 2019

2019 IRRMA- Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nomination

ROBBY VEE 2019 Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nomination.

March 29, 2019

VISIT US ON SPOTIFY- Double Spin OVER 250,000 Spins!

Published by Hootsuite

The wait is finally over! I’m thrilled to announce that my long awaited EP is finally out. You can click the link down below to get a glimpse of what I’ve been working on for the past year. 💿🙌🏻 GO TO >

📀📀 Did you guys grab DOUBLE SPIN yet?  📀📀

May 20, 2019

iHEART RADIO - Robby Vee DOUBLE SPIN on iHeart Radio



Check Out Double Spin on iHeart Radio! GO TO >

May 01, 2019

MIAMI MUSIC BUZZ: Robby Vee – Double Spin


Robby Vee – Double Spin

Posted on29/04/2019 by RonaldSabbatini

Home to eleven mesmerizing tracks, Double Spin is the latest creation by Robby Vee, who is no less than the son of Rockabilly legend Bobby Vee, one of the greatest american musicians of all time. The heritage has surely passed on to the next generation as Robby Vee’s sound undoubtedly reminds us of his father’s, and yet has its own components; a mix of contemporary sounds paired with the delivery of a wide range of emotions. Created in collaboration with Andrew Hall for some of the tracks on this record, Double Spin will surely gain a deserved success due to Robby Vee’s continued music development as an artist, who seeks to build and innovate based on the solid foundation of a pure rockabilly sound. READ MORE >

May 01, 2019

RECORDS ON REPEAT: Robby Vee At His Best In New Album Double Spin

by JuanPoffenberger

Robbe Vee’s new album Double Spin definitely gives it a run for its money, with each song crafted meticulously with a striking detail-oriented approach, something we won’t even notice when listening to the record, so much it takes us through a dynamic and fun musical journey.

His natural talent makes it seem so easy and flowing, like in the dynamic “Monsoon Sunset”, one of our many favorite tracks from Double Spin. Dispatching an infectious rhythm perfectly complementing Robby Vee’s inventive and highly mastered vocals, this album is one of his most polished so far, which proves that even greatly skilled musicians always find the ambition to improve and deliver greater works every single time. No matter how you listen to this album, in one shot without interruption or shuffling through, Robby Vee’s magnetic aura will make you come back to it time and time again. READ MORE >

April 30, 2019

VIBE MY LIFE: Robby Vee | Double Spin

by JuanPoffenberger

In his latest release entitled Double Spin, Robert Velline, better known as Robby Vee, distributes a sonic tornado of exciting melodies that crush us with their beauty in almost every song of the album. The great quality of the music isn’t isolated to this fact alone in the eleven tracks that make up Robby Vee’s new album, and we can easily say that Double Spin delivers one of the most unforgettable grooves we’ve heard in a while.

Have a listen to Robby Vee’s latest creation and witness him and his band at their peak performance levels, encapsulating everything we love about music, without forgetting Vee’s exquisite and immaculate voice. READ MORE >

Robbe Vee – Instagram

April 30, 2019

COAST 2 COAST MUSIC: Album Review | ROBBY VEE – Double Spin

Posted on by FANz

There’s no need for debate; disciple and son of Bobby Vee, Robby Vee makes it impossible not to groove to his latest release, an 11-track album entitled Double Spin. Including some vividly produced harmonies and explosive tempos, this record is steeped in the Rockabilly tradition yet completely finds its place in modern music. This tour de force is possible thanks to Robby Vee’s signature sound, a blend of multiple genres into experimental pieces, a complete reflection of his state of mind and approach to music.


The cinematic singer-songwriter spins some subtle crooning in some of the songs, bringing an interestingly designed equilibrium to the record.

With Double Spin, Robby Vee has convinced us that his music won’t be going out of style anytime soon, a rare occurrence in our ever-changing modern cultural landscape. READ MORE >

April 26, 2019

LATE NIGHT STEREO: Robby Vee – Double Spin


Rockabilly artist Robby Vee, son of legend Bobby Vee, continues his musical journey in style, spreading his vision throughout Double Spin, his latest creation, an album that will take listeners both in the past and the future. This difficult challenge is met thanks to Robby Vee’s unique abilities to mix some of the greatest traditional rockabilly, blues, and country sounds with a personal modern touch that bridges between generations and creates a romantic, poetic, and exciting atmosphere to make this album extremely appealing and fun. His effortless vocal mastery and beautiful tracklist will surely seduce even the most skeptical of audiences. READ MORE >

April 25, 2019

JUST BANGERS: Robby Vee Releases Charming Album – Double Spin

Posted By: NathanSauer​

Old school Rockabilly meets contemporary rock crooning in Robby Vee’s all-new album entitled Double Spin, setting the stage for a resounding success in 2019 for the skilled musician and singer.  

Featuring a couple of blustery ballads and a few swing beat-driven tunes that are certain to make even the laziest of listeners hit the dance floor, this full album fleshes out some of the understated rockabilly, blues, and bop influences in Robby Vee’s sound, and further exploits his unique melodicism for everything that it’s worth. A must listen! READ MORE >

April 24, 2019

MINIMAL SOUNDS UK: Robby Vee Skillfully Perpetuates Family Heritage With Double Spin

Written by Robert Elston

Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee Robby Vee is back with an epic album entitled Double Spin, home to eleven skillful track set to enchant music lovers from around the world. He always had a guitar nearby when growing up, and this fact truly makes sense when listening to any of the songs on the album, as the music rolls so smoothly and seemingly effortlessly.

Double Spin includes some pieces resulting from a collaboration between Robby Vee and writer and poet Andrew Hall, while the rest of the songs come from the contribution of Robby Vee’s late father, legendary artist Bobby Vee, who’s always been very close with his children.

Having shared stages with some of the most prestigious names in the industry including Eric Clapton and Sir Paul McCartney just to name a few, Robby Vee is entering a new phase with the release of this album, another great effort in the already impressive career of the neo-rockabilly artist. READ MORE >

April 22, 2019


Neo-Rockabilly artist Robby Vee just delivered an outstanding album entitled Double Spin. Not limiting himself to one genre, Robby Vee dances from rock to blues, from jazz to country, and everything in-between. A compelling fusion to be enjoyed by the masses while still appealing to the lovers of the genre.  

The strength emanating from this album partly created in collaboration with writer and poet Andrew Hall is truly contagious, and drive its roots from the legendary rockabilly tradition started by Robby Vee’s late father (legendary musician Bobby Vee), truly inspiring, and addressed to all. The collection of eleven songs is loaded with emotions and fun, and no doubt about it, it will touch the heart of listeners across the globe. It is also a display of sincerity, quite rare nowadays, where the artist shares his doubts and exposes his truest self, in its rawest version, with us.

Keep Robby Vee on your radar! READ MORE >

April 16, 2019

FILTHY BANGERS: ROBBY VEE Releases Impressive Rockabilly Album – Double Spin

by ChristinaCarter

Great men make great children. Bobby Vee’s own son, Robby Vee, powerfully follows on his family heritage to release his latest album entitled Double Spin. Including eleven exciting tracks, Double Spin was created in part with the collaboration of writer and poet Andrew Hall, and in part with Bobby Vee, Robby Vee’s late father. “Monsoon Sunset”, “Blue Moon Blues”, or “Dashboard Jesus” are some of the gems found in this album but frankly, every track of the record is worth a listen, to witness Robby’s dazzling technique and detail oriented approach when it comes to his eternal passion, music. READ MORE >

April 15, 2019


Singer-songwriter Robert Velline, also known as Robby Vee, has collaborated with writer and poet Andrew Hall as well as with his late father, legendary artist Bobby Vee, to release yet another great effort, an album entitled Double Spin.

Double Spin is an ode to Rockabilly, a playful and romantic album that will take listeners back in time to a place of bliss and wonder, where all problems are forgotten for a moment. The words and the music form together as you press play, and the fusion between the old and the new is done magnificently by the one and only Robby Vee. Vee offers a tender and seductive act in this record; both vocally and through the lyrics, full of poetic gems. Double Spin is set to be enjoyed by all music lovers while also appealing to the genre’s connoisseurs. READ MORE >

April 11, 2019

HIT MUSC NEWS: Double Spin – A Hugely Captivating Comeback By Robby Vee

by Kai Fujiruma  | NEWS |

Robby Vee recently announced the release of his latest album DOUBLE SPIN, that’s both catchy and moody. From the sparky, almost Arctic Monkeys-esque ‘Tucson Girl’ to the danceable, ‘Buzz’, Robby experiments but never gets carried away. With his eclectic vocals and distinct gravelly tones, things are kept cohesive.

Elsewhere there’s a simplicity to ‘Blue Moon Blue’ that drives home a brain-tingling chorus, while ballad ‘Song of Songs’ changes the pace with an insistent, droning melody. Though similar atmospheric hum suits ‘Before Majesty,’ heightening its sombre lyrics, it all adds up to a monotony that drags down the record’s second half somewhat.

Fortunately, the closing act, ‘Wanna Dance’ clears things up and resolves the album nicely – in a collision of happy words and ringing guitars. It’s not without fault, but ‘Buzz’ is a hugely captivating start. READ MORE >

April 11, 2019


As furious and ferocious as ever, Robby Vee is back for another two-step fest – bringing huge party vibes to ‘Double Spin’.


Robby Vee expands his horizons with this bold, endearingly scrappy new EP with 11 intense tracks, dragging the best elements of 20th Century classic rock into the modern world. Songs like the eclectic ‘Monsoon Sunset’ help them avoid generic pitfalls, while the likes of ‘Love Supreme’ and the title track maintain the fast pace and mosh-heavy impact most hardcore fans hunger for while showing off Robby’s creative palette.

Time to put on your dancing shoes on! READ MORE >

April 11, 2019


Robby Vee recently released his highly anticipated DOUBLE SPIN, where he showcased himself as an artist full of restraint, bringing fresh life and color to his well-thumbed catalog of old songs. The album gently sways, grooves and swings, but for the most part, it highlights Robby’s understated playing, focused restraint, and timeless cool.

He’s even more relaxed in his new material, albeit the tight rhythm section helps him explore each song’s possibilities to the full.

The 11 piece album explores the different aspects of classic rock with Robby‘s undeniable swag and upbeat creations. And while all of the songs are equally pleasing to our ears, the astute listener might at this point be tempted to hit the repeat button and return to the energetic opener, “Buzz” which gets the job done by making their spirit soar of happiness and hope! READ MORE >

April 10, 2019




by: Lis Sinatra

Robby Vee recently came through with his highly anticipated new EP. Robby’s music, in particular, the eleven tracks on his latest EP release DOUBLE SPIN, percolates with unquestionable emotional authenticity and total command over the traditions fueling his musical style. These are artfully composed songs, but they are likewise uncompromising. Each track is written in a thoroughly realistic style with enough of a poetic flourish to sound remarkably fresh.

The influences in this EP are obvious, but they never manifest themselves in a heavy-handed way and it distinguishes the outfit from many of Robby’s contemporaries turning his attention to this sort of music. The production situates the rockstar’s strengths in such a way that his songwriting and playing, even when it has the lightest touch, has a visceral, physical quality. It’s a little wonder. READ MORE >

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April 05, 2019

THE FADER: Robby Vee PREMEIRE Double Spin

Robby Vee recently announced the release of his latest album DOUBLE SPIN, featuring 11 songs.

April 05, 2019

IMPLURNT: Robby Vee Releases His Latest Effort Titled Double Spin

Robby Vee returns with his most stylish collection of Neo-Rockabilly ballads and groovy anthems yet in new album Double Spin. In eleven hot tracks, including the dynamic “Buzz”, the powerful slow songs “Before Majesty” and “Monsoon Sunset”, and the swinging “Wanna Dance”, Robby Vee seduces us with striking ease in this musical prowess, one of his most well-rounded albums so far.

His incomparable vocal skills paired with a perfectly balanced choice and chronology of songs result in a phenomenal track-list, displaying Robby Vee’s agile and versatile artistry to the fullest.

Unlike a lot of other artists in the Rockabilly scene, he isn’t afraid of experimenting with sonic textures and soundscapes, and as a result, listeners will be treated to some of the most engaging material that Rockabilly has heard in quite some time. 


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April 05, 2019

TRAP AHOLICS: Robby Vee, Son Of Legendary Artist Bobby Vee, Releases New Album Double Spin

Posted by Nina Kuparinen​

Everybody knows a song from legendary artist Bobby Vee. His son, Robby Vee, who has skillfully perpetuated the legacy inherited from his father, just released his latest major effort entitled Double Spin. An album that covers the past, present, and future, Double Spin is an impressive body of work that will undoubtedly spark mass appreciation amongst music aficionados. In its own way, this album is a perfect blend of a myriad of musical genres, from rock’ n’ roll to bop and everything in between, meticulously executed by one of Rockabilly’s most dedicated artists, Robby Vee. 


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April 04, 2019

GROOVY TRACKS: Robby Vee – Double Spin

Published By : Evette Sarah Johnson​

Robby Vee has finally released his latest effort under the name Double Spin, an album home to eleven tracks. Son of Bobby Vee, Robby grew up in a musical environment since birth, which explains why music and Rockabilly flow in his blood. A Rockabilly Hall Of Fame inductee himself, Robby Vee collaborated with poet Andrew Hall to produce some of the tracks on this album, while the other songs are the result of a collaboration with his late father. Overall, the album is very fun to listen to, and blends to perfection the Rockabilly musical heritage with a modern musical approach, more commonly described as Neo-Rockabilly. READ MORE >

March 29, 2019



Audiences have been anticipating Robby Vee’s next move. The Neo-Rockabilly artist, son of music legend Bobby Vee, finally delivered his latest effort entitled “Double Spin”, honoring the family tradition started by his late-father, and walking a fine line between creating new music while still having a foot rooted in authentic rock n roll’s nostalgia.

This album finds him at his sharpest and most dynamic, and while that’s not out of the ordinary for this experienced showman, he reveals himself even more than anything we’ve seen before throughout each song of the 11-track album. 

Some of the songs featured in the album were created in collaboration with writer and poet Andrew Hall, and other tracks result from his father’s contribution as well as his own original music. 

Double Spin is a sophisticated blend of country, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz, and Bop, that Robby Vee mixes through his personal musical vision. The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame inductee who has shared stages with Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and Bobby Vee just to name a few, stays loyal to the Rockabilly musical legacy, and displays the full spectrum of his talents with his ability to honor the past by building the future. 


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March 29, 2019

DOUBLE SPIN- RELEASE March 29 available in all stores!

World Wide Release! The EP Collection.

December 01, 2018


Neo-Rockabilly Artist Robby Vee teams up with Poet & Writer Andrew Hall for a collection of Songs titled “Vee Hall”.

Robby Vee comes from a big musical family many know for the musical genius of Bobby Vee. He carries on the family tradition as will his children. It was something I witnessed growing up down the block from the Vee’s.  In the Vee house, there was always a guitar nearby.  Music was in the very blood... And words also flowed in the artistry of The Vee’s through Bobby and Karen and their family.


My dad wrote a column for Billboard Magazine about radio and television, but music was his first love.  He and Bobby shared a love of country music and our families often went camping together. Bobby would break out the acoustic guitar and serenade us into the night around the campfire.  He always threw in my favorite: “Lollipop.”


Our fathers have recently passed on to the next realm but not before imbuing us with their love and passion for music and lyrics.  Words can't do justice to the legacies our respective dads left us but still we try.... Robby through music and myself through words... 


Robby reminds us that this work is in honor of and brought forth by the love of our parents but also our personal heart felt journey of us doing what we do...

We are artists trained by the best…

We pay tribute in our path.

“You can’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been.”


On Vee Hall…

Buzz is a celebration of life in the purest sense. Hallelujah!


Before Majesty brings us back to our childhood imagination.  We are all purple dragons... We are warriors and sages and fools... All the archetypes are in us all.


Monsoon Sunset has the beauty of classic country songs ala Jimmy Webb and Glen Cambell... The music changes to meet the lyrical moods and the song delivers warmth and hope about weathering the storms of our lives.


Love Supreme celebrates the jazz that is love and the love that is jazz and all music for that matter.


Perfume is the essence of life.

We need a sense of everything or a scent... Darkness and light....Yin/ Yang...  We must lose in order to gain perspective.


Song of Songs (Ballad of Old Souls) is a musical satire in the tone of Shakespeare's sonnet,

"My mistress eyes are nothing like the sun."  The Bible is always a good place to go for inspiration, creativity, and diversity.


Robby, a fine lyricist in his own right, had to navigate around these words, into them, and through them to unravel their musical possibility.  He crafted poems into songs.  For many musicians the words come after the tune has formed.  For Vee the challenge was to unpack the mystery and translate the magic into pure sound.  From our conversations, I could tell that this process was a joy for the both of us.


For the poet... The job is relatively easy... Just spit the words out and let time do the rest. Sure... There are revisions and edits... But the musician has to sculpt the words to fit his or her voice... To sing well is difficult let alone to invent musical accompaniment.


I hope the songs move you to dance, to reflect, to hold your dear one close... And if you are a solitary traveller, hold yourself even closer.... 


"Music is eternal

The notes never go quiet

And if you are so inclined

Pick up your instrument

And play with us."


Robby continues to entertain, create and pass the family tradition down to his children.  He will bring the twang with his Rock and Roll Caravan to the edge of the universe.


I work as a high school English Teacher turning the kids on to the power of words.  Somewhere out there our fathers look down on us with a smile knowing that the music continues.


It is an honor and joy for both of us to collaborate together and bring you the grooves that have moved us.


- Andy Hall

(In loving memory of Bobby Vee & Claude Hall).


Other Music From Robby Vee:

Blue Moon Blue, Viva La Twang, Liquid Love, Bop, Early Years with the Vee's (Moon Dog House Party/ Crash Boom Bang It Out), Vee sings Vee (Robby &  Bobby Vee) SINGLE: 'This Love'

More About Andrew Hall:

Andrew Hall grew up in a creative writing household.  Born in Santa Monica, California in 1972, to Billboard Magazine Radio-TV Editor and Vox Jox columnist Claude Hall and freelance writer and publicist Barbara Hall.  Andrew pursued music, writing songs, performing music and poetry in Las Vegas. He went on to earn a MFA degree in creative writing and pursued a career as a college professor and English teacher. He currently teaches high school in Las Vegas and is a well respected member of the Las Vegas poetry community as well as a veteran of numerous poetry slam teams.


More About Robby Vee:

“A Rock n Roll Original…”

Robby Vee "The Prince Of Twang” was born Robert Velline named after his father Bobby Vee.  He is recognized by both the American and Canadian Rockabilly Hall of Fames and has been performing his unique style of Rock-n- Roll music for years on stages across the globe.  Having been on tour with the legends and architects of rock-n-roll, Robby has learned from, and shared credits and stages with the best, from James Burton to Carl Perkins, Albert Lee, Little Richard, the Everly Brothers, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Dion, The Righteous Brothers, Buddy Holly’s Crickets, Dick Clark and his ‘Caravan of Stars Rock ‘N’ Roll Show’, his father, 60’s pop rocker Bobby Vee and many more.  Robby is known for combining elements of his vast repertoire telling stories that bridge the generation gap from “the roots of Rock n Roll to the new sounds of Americana music of today”. As an Entertainer with many studio records to his name, countless guest artist credits, and a history of extensive touring, Vee has captured the attention of audiences and respected industry professionals both Nationally and Internationally. Claude Hall, radio-TV editor of Billboard magazine writes, “If this guy had been around during the era of Elvis, he would have given Elvis a run for his money."


Oct 17, 2018

Honoring Father's Legacy Through Art, Alzheimer's Awareness

By Maggie Stanwood

The song “Blue Moon Blues” contains the classic hallmarks of a blues song — the twang of a guitar, the slow beat and the crooning voice.

The voice belongs to Prior Lake resident Robby Velline, also known as Robby Vee, and he’s singing about his father, 1960s rockabilly star Bobby Vee, who died as a result of Alzheimer’s disease in 2016.

“Missing the one who no longer misses me,” Velline sings.


Velline has continued his father’s legacy with his own rockabilly music career as well as his efforts to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s. READ MORE >

May 18, 2017

A Visit with Robby Vee: Opening Act for Duluth Dylan Fest

Posted by Ed Newman

There's no business like show business, they say. How many children of entertainers have taken up the occupations of their parents? There are plenty of examples in Hollywood. And in the music scene, Jakob Dylan and Julian Lennon immediately come to mind. This weekend here in Duluth we'll warmly welcome Robby Vee, son of Bobby Vee, to kick off the eight-day Duluth Dylan Fest in a concert sponsored by the Armory Arts & Music Center at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. READ MORE >

June 05, 2016

Interview with Robby Vee, Media Involved Entertainment News (Taken from Interviews spanning 2015-2016)

Media Involved:

How did you get your start in the business?


Growing up in a musical family, with my father being in the business…  I was exposed at an early age to the legends and great business minds in rock-n-roll.  I played music with my family and started doing shows with my father early on, but what started me on my path was a meeting with Record Producer Greg Ladanyi.

J.I. Allison, The Crickets original drummer and song writer invited my father and myself down to Nashville to work on a record titled ‘The Crickets & Their Buddies’ a compilation Tribute to ‘Buddy Holly & The Crickets’ featuring Eric clapton, Waylon Jennings, Phil Everly and many others. We cut the song ‘Blue Days Black Nights’ in JI’s studio…and producing the project was Record Producer Greg Ladanyi.  Greg is best known for his work with The Eagles, Don Henley, Toto, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon to name a few.  They were looking for songs for the record, and greg asked me if I had any…I played a few for him and he in return asked me to come out to his studio in LA to record with him.  His company signed me to 2 consecutive contracts which really started me on the path of making my style of records and finding my own way in the business.  

Media Involved:

What is Rockabilly Music?


Even though I’m a Rockabilly Hall of Fame member I’m not a purest in the sense, I use the term pretty loosely with my music.  I think of Carl Perkins the way he describes it as, taking country, rock n roll, blues…jazz, Bop and mixing it all together in one pot until you get a style of music.  I think all of my music comes from that traditional foundation.  I like the freedom and that idea to be able to move in different stylistic directions blending it all together.  I feel like my records are very much my own thing…I’m not like other artist.  I kinda have my own slant on it all from songs I write to the way I approach what i do, though I’m influenced by many.

Media Involved:

What are some of your first influences of Rock n Roll?


My father used to take me on tour with him at a very young age… It really exposed me to all the great legends in the business.  A time that really sticks out, when I was very young we spent an entire Summer in Vegas with a ‘Dick Clark Caravan of the Stars Show’.  I would go to the show with him every night and sit back stage watching Bo Diddley, The Shirelles and many others go on stage…the songs and performances really got into my blood and sparked a love for rock n roll.  The great rock n roll package shows my father would put together with Del Shannon, Buddy Knox, Freddie Canon, Tommy Roe and many others became shows as I kid that I was exposed to, but later I became a supporting artist on those same shows along with backing most of them up as a member of the band.

Media Involved:

When you talk about the Vee Family tradition of Rock n Roll…what does that mean to you?


I bring that back to my high school years growing up in the midwest.  My family moved to the midwest from LA when I was in my teens.  My parents started a rock n roll concert fund raiser for Cathedral High School in St Cloud MN that went on for 25 plus years raising money for the community.  Dick Clark, Little Richard…all my Dads friends got involved.  Family’s would come together with music and have an amazing evening.  I learned from that family tradition most of what I do now, our family was instrumental in creating, booking, producing & preforming on those shows right down to the art on the cover of the concert booklets.  From a business and musical stand point.  I feel like I’m continuing that tradition of music and values in my own way, the igniting of positive spirit in a community.

Media Involved:

When you go to a Robby Vee Show what can you expect?


It’s important for me to come on stage and introduce the audience to the musical tradition and legacy I grew up with…I’ve recorded so many records over the years, some as Robby Vee, some as The Vee’s and some as Bobby Vee & The Vee’s.  It’s important for me to plug into my father Bobby Vee’s legacy…from his Hits to the familiar and most requested album cuts from my career and the Vee’s.  I also like to celebrate the Rock n Roll era from the Surf Music and Twang to the familiar ‘toe tapping’ sing-alongs that engages the audience in just having a fun time.  Rockabilly music gives me the freedom to play all sorts of traditional Americana music from Blue Grass, Swing to Country and straight up Rockin’ Blues Rockn Roll!!

Media Involved:

Tells us about your latest Project.


I call it the Blue Period.  Our most recent release is titled ‘Blue Moon Blue’.  The single is ‘Blue Moon Blues’…we came together with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America “Artist Raising Their Voice for Care” to help raise money and bring awareness to this great foundation.  We put together T-Shirts with one of my paintings also featured in the record sleeve of Blue Moon Blue along with the Single with all proceeds going to the foundation.  T-Shirts can be found at and the music at Amazon or iTunes.  The project is a bitter sweet project for me for a great cause.  My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011 forcing him to retire his career.  My involvement with AFA is me putting some positive into a tough situation.  Blue Moon Blue much like the myth of new beginnings and letting go symbolized in a blue moon and Picasso’s blue period, this project has been very much all that for me. My Mother passed away the week it was released.  The cut Tucson Girl from the record was a co-write between my father, my sister and myself.  It’s the last song my father ever wrote.  My co-writer Wayne Carson (You Were Always On My Mind, The Letter, Soul Deep), who co-wrote Blue Moon Blues, a mentor and a huge presence on all my records passed away the same week of the record being released…and last the co-producer and string arranger for the project James Carey passed away the week of our last recording session for the project.  Just a huge amount of tragedy in a short amount of time…total life changing stuff.  So, I guess this project is my career Blue Period though it hi lights the great production of Jeff Bjork and playing of Jeff and Bryan Williams including some of the great guest that contributed their talents, including a cameo by my daughter Alison along with Jamie Williams on vocals…the studio Vee-ettes.  The project will always hold a introspective place for me much like the gospel influenced song Dashboard Jesus featured on the record.


June 20, 2016

Vee Sign's with Warner Chappell Latin America!

Media Invloved Blog News:

Robby Vee's Music Catalog, with Vee Entertainment/ Jan Cooper Publishing has signed with Warner Chappel Publishing Latin America.  Vee is currently being distributed to; Kenya, Africa, Italy, Spain, All of Asia, Portugal, Germany, the UK, Australia, France and the USA.​

Contact Cooper Publishing

March 01, 2016

Vee sings Vee NEW Release, featuring: Bobby & Robby Vee

Media Involved Blog News:

Robby explains his inspiration behind the 'Vee sings Vee' project... "Before my mother passed away in August of 2015, she suggested and produced a project with me now titled 'Vee sings Vee'.  The idea was to put a record of songs together that my father and I wrote together or collaborated on together to be released as Singles over the course of a year.  The first Single is called 'This Love', a song that was recorded for the "Crickets & Their Buddies" project but never made the record.  Vee sings Vee is currently available in Download Only at iTunes &


March 01, 2016

Twin Cities 2016 Auto Show! "Vee" for Victory over Alzheimer's. Mar 12-20

Bobby’s Vee’s Mustang will Appear at the 2016 Twin Cities Auto Show:


“Vee” for Victory over Alzheimer’s, 60’s Rock-n-Roll Idol Bobby Vee’s 1965 Ford Mustang will be featured at the 43rd Annual Twin Cities Auto Show’s ‘Classic Car Walk’, March 12-20, in the Minneapolis Convention Center. In 2011, Bobby Vee was diagnosed with Alzheimers and retired from performing. His Mustang and the Classic Car Walk is a unique and rare opportunity for him to reunite with the public and share a piece of his personal collection. 


The teen idol launched his career with the Minneapolis recorded hit song ‘Suzie Baby’ on ‘Soma Records’ and went on to produce thirty- eight Top 100 hits from 1959 - 1970, including 7 Gold Records. He has appeared in four motion pictures and countless television programs and he has performed in numerous worldwide tours over his 50 year career. U.S. Billboard Magazine called Vee, “One of the top ten most consistent chart makers ever”, with hits such as ‘Devil or Angel’, ‘Rubber Ball’, ‘Take Good Care of My Baby’, ‘Run to Him’, ‘The Night Has a 1000 Eyes’, ‘Come back When You Grow Up Girl’ to name a few. 


Bobby Vee’s Ford Mustang will be displayed in support of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Bobby’s son, Robby Vee, also a recording artist, started the ‘Blue Moon Blue’ project in 2015 which included the release of his single ‘Blue Moon Blues’ for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s Music Community “Artists Raising their Voice for Care”. Robby got involved in support of his father and to raise awareness for AFA The Classic Car Walk is an opportunity to share Bobby’s collector piece and to thank the public for all the support they have shown him. 


Bobby Vee’s mustang will be on display every day of the Twin Cities Auto Show, March 12 – 20. Tickets can be purchased at 


October 28, 2015

Senate Resolution Honoring Robby Vee


In 2015 Robby Vee was honored with a Senate Resolution for his life, art & legacy by the state of Minnesota and Senator Dan Sparks, Senator James Metzen, Senate Committee Chair Thomas Bakk and Secretary of the Senate JoAnne Zoff.


January 02, 2015

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Honor

Including a special "Father Son" Hall  of Fame  Recognition Award.

2015 Robby Vee was inducted into the “Rockabilly Hall of Fame” as well as being honored as a second generation artist. Vee is also a member of the Canadian Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

“This cat sure can play.” –Carl Perkins

Robby Vee Has been on tour with the legends and architects of rock-n-roll, Robby has learned from, and shared credits and stages with the best, from James Burton to Carl Perkins. As an entertainer with many studio records to his name, countless guest artist credits, and a history of extensive touring, Vee has captured the attention of audiences and respected industry professionals both Nationally and Internationally. Claude Hall, radio-TV editor of Billboard Magazine writes, “If this guy had been around during the era of Elvis, he would have given Elvis a run for his money." Vee's Americana style is deeply rooted in Rockabilly, he has stayed true to this style throughout his entire career. Notable projects: Blue Days Black Nights, (the Crickets and their Buddies), Down The Line (Bobby Vee & the Vee's), The Early Years with the Vee’s), Liquid Love, Bop & Viva La Twang! Blue Moon Blue EP, Vee sings Vee/This Love (Single).


February 22, 2015

Robby Vee joins Alzheimers Foundation of America AFA Artist Community

Robby Vee has joined the Alzheimers Foundation of America Music Community “Artists Raising Their Voices For Care”. Visit Alzheimers Foundation Of America:, Artist Support for more info, touring and projects AFA related. In 2015 Robby Vee has several singles being released to raise money and awareness for the AFA Community. Vee's father Bobby Vee was diagnosed with the disease resulting in his 2011 retirement from the music industry. As an outlet Robby has joined forces with AFA to help both support his father and other families that have loved ones struggling with the Alzheimers disease. Support Robby's Blue Moon Blue Project with his 2015 release of the EP Blue Moon Blue. 100% of the proceeds from the single Blue Moon Blues will go to AFA for Alzheimers awareness. 


Related News 7-29-2015 

The Single: "Blue Moon Blues" from the EP Blue Moon Blue, released on the Blue Moon month of July in 2015 is a collection of 5 songs. Penned as the Blue Moon Blue Project to help bring awareness and inspire action to end Alzheimer's. In 2015 Vee joined the Alzheimer's of America Music Community “Artist Raising Their Voices For Care” to honor his father Bobby Vee who was diagnosed with the disease resulting in his 2011 retirement from the music industry. Robby is donating the proceeds from the single "Blue Moon Blues" to the Alzheimer's of America Foundation in this effort. Blue Moon Blues was co-written with the late legendary songwriter Wayne Carson (You Were Always On My Mind, The Letter) who passed away in 2015. Track 3, Tucson Girl is co-written with Robby's father Bobby Vee. It is the last song Vee wrote while still in the early stages of his disease.

Visit the Robby Vee Shop for products related to the Blue Moon Blue Project and raising money for Alzheimers awareness.


December 31, 2015

"Strings & Things" Debut

Robby Vee with the "Strings & Things" Rock-n-Roll Orchestra 2015 debut!

We will be featuring Strings & Things on select shows this year including our 2015 release now out with all new Vee music. Catch Robby with Strings & Things at the State Theater in Zumbrota MN, Valentines Concert! 


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